The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 is the first United States federal law intended to address the problem of sexual abuse and sexual harassment of persons in the custody of Federal, State and local correctional institutions. This legislation stems from the fundamental belief that ADemerican prisons and jails should be as safe as possible and that being sexually assaulted while in custody should never be part of a detainee’s punishment. The Prison Rape Elimination act sets standards for the adoption of policies and practices that would help reduce the occurances of sexual misconduct/harassment in penal institututions, increases accountability for penal institutions that fail to prevent, reduce and punish sexual misconduct/harassment and also increases the available data on sexual misconduct/harassment in penal institutions

The Livingston County Jail has a zero tolerance policy against all forms of sexual misconduct/harassment either by staff or detainees. It is the policy of the Livingston County Jail that all forms of sexual misconduct/harasment will be investigated and that any detainee, staff member, contractor or volunteer found to have commited sexual misconduct/harassment will have administrative and or criminal sanctions pursued against them.

PREA incidents include the following conduct:

 Detainee on Detainee Sexual Abuse
 Staff on Detainee Sexual Abuse
 Detainee on Detainee Sexual Harassment
 Staff on Detainee Sexual Harassment

The Livingston County Jail has multiple ways to report allegations of sexual misconduct/harassment. Reports can be made by detainees or third parties by:

  • Having their attorney or family member report it
  • Telling a staff member or file a grievance
  • Telling Jail medical staff or submit a sick call request
  • Submitting a request to speak to an IHR counselor
  • Calling the Livingston County Jail PREA Coordinator or Superintendent at 815-844-5774
  • Calling the Livingston County Sheriff Investigation Unit at 815-844-2774
  • Calling the Livingston County State’s Attorney Office at 815-844-5169
  • Calling the Livingston County Jail anonymous report line at 815-842-8052

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