Safe Passage Guides

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Safe Passage Guides are volunteers who assist the police help people who are suffering from addiction.

If you would like to be a guide, contact Livingston County Sheriff’s Police at 815-844-0911, or

(Fill out and return to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department)


·   All Guides must be approved by the Livingston  County Sheriff and undergo an application and fingerprint submission.

·   It is recognized that volunteer Guides will possibly be people in recovery and  may have criminal records.  People in recovery bring a unique perspective to addiction and can symbolize hope for a person seeking treatment.

·  Once notified, the Guide will respond to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department.

·  The Guide will provide emotional support and guidance to program participant.

·  The Guide will provide support with the intake process, to include necessary paperwork for the Safe Passage Initiative.

·   If possible, the Guide will remain with the program participant until he/she has been formally admitted to Detox or In-Patient treatment.  This includes staying with the participant at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department, at the hospital, or at the intake location for the treatment facility.

·   When reasonably safe to do so and if available, the Guide will provide transportation to the program participant to the designated treatment facility.  The guide will be eligible for mileage and meal reimbursement.  A minimum of two (2) people will provide transport.

·   The Guide may be listed on the medical release waiver, so the Guide can stay in contact with the patient through the treatment process.

·   The Guide will notify the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department of any issues or concerns that arise.

You may not be a guide if:

—  You are currently wanted or facing felony charges.
—  Have been convicted of a forcible felony or drug dealing or trafficking (possession and use  will not exclude).
—  You are a registered sex offender, registered violent offender, and/or registered arsonist.