Civil Process

Civil Process:

Civil Process consists of lawsuits, small claims, summons, divorce cases, family cases, order of protections, stalking no-contact orders, replevins, evictions, forcible entry and detainers, trespass notices, and tax notices. All the above papers must first be filed with the Circuit Clerk’s Office. Papers, along with payment, are then brought to the Sheriff’s Office for processing.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office will NOT ACCEPT any papers for service that are brought to us with less than TEN (10) business days available for service. *Exception to this would be Orders of Protection matters.* One (1) original summons, two (2) copies of the summons, and one (1) complaint for each defendant will be needed for each service. All fees for service are to be made payable to the Livingston County Sheriff. Our Officers will attempt to locate the defendant that is to be served.  If service is successful, or not, the affidavit is processed and then sent to the Circuit Clerk’s Office or Plaintiff for the scheduled court date.

Please click HERE  to view the Civil Process Fees.