Frequently Asked Questions:

If I lose my dog, what should I do?

Immediately contact Animal Control by calling 815-842-8021.  It’s important to keep your pet’s information up to date so it’s easier to find. Have this information with you when you call Animal Control, such as:

  • Livingston County rabies registration tag
  • Veterinarian records, including routine vaccinations
  • Photographs of the animal
  • Microchip number and emergency contact list

What should I do if I find a lost dog:?

Contact Animal Control by calling 815-842-8021 WITHIN 48 HOURS.  If the dog has a collar with a tag or an ID, we may be able to find the owner quickly.  If the dog does not show any signs of ownership, we take it to our kennels for holding.

What is the holding time for animals picked up by Animal Control?

Animals with no known owner are held for 3 full business days. Once an owner has been identified, the holding period is extended to 7 business days to allow the owner time to reclaim their animal.

Animals with known owners are held 7 business days

After the required holding time has expired, animals are evaluated for the adoption program. We occasionally receive dogs that have been relinquished or strays that have not been claimed.  We are not a no-kill shelter.

Adoption Program:

Dogs in our kennels that have been relinquished or have no known owner are available for adoption after evaluation.  All adoptions must be approved by our Animal Control Administrator.

How do I report an animal bite on a human?

Animal Control officers investigate bite incidents.  After reporting the incident to 815-842-8021, or after hours to emergency services at 815-844-7171, a representative from Animal Control will contact you.  Whether you are a victim or an owner of a pet who has bitten someone, please contact Livingston County Animal Control.

Rabies vaccination for pets

All dogs are required by law to be vaccinated for rabies and registered in the county that they reside.

The main purpose of the Animal Control program is to protect people and pets from rabies, a serious disease that is most often fatal for both animals and humans. Rabies protection is provided through the enforcement of Illinois law.

Rabies is a dangerous virus that anyone can get if they handle or get bitten by an animal that has the disease. Animal rabies vaccination places a protective barrier between the pets we cherish and potential exposure to rabies

What is the cost of my dog’s registration fee?

The majority of Livingston County veterinarians will vaccinate and collect for your dog’s registration.    If your vet does not participate in collection of the fee, or if you use an out-of-county clinic; you are responsible for paying the registration fee within 30 days.  If your registration is not paid within 30 days, you will be responsible for additional late fees. Legal action will be taken by the States Attorney after 90 days.  A dog that is spayed or neutered is surgically altered.  All other dogs are considered intact.

The fee may be paid by sending a copy of the vaccination certificate and a check or money order to Animal Control, or stopping in at the Sheriff’s Department to make a payment.  All payments should be made payable to the Livingston County Treasurer.

County Registration Fee Schedule

 1 year   intact $20  1 year   altered $10  3 year   intact $60  3 year   altered $30
 Late fee   -$40  Late fee –   $20  Late fee –   $120  Late fee –   $60

What is the purpose of Animal Registration Fee?

 The Livingston County Registration supports the Animal Control Program by providing:

  • rabies prevention
  • aggressive dog control
  • community education
  • finding homes for adoptable pets
  • protecting the health and safety of the citizens of Livingston County
  • Your dog’s vaccination is not valid until the animal is registered with the Livingston County Animal Control. If you are new to Livingston County, you must bring in or mail a copy of your  dogs’ rabies vaccination certificate to the Animal Control within 30 days of moving. Unaltered dogs pay a higher registration fee due to their reproductive status.

What should I do if I find a wild animal on my property?

Livingston County Animal Control does not pick up wildlife

If you find a wild animal on your property, please seek out the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR).

Due to safety concerns, in most cases, IDNR recommends you hire a nuisance wildlife control operator (NWCO) to remove the bird or animal that is causing a problem. NWCOs must pass a test administered by the IDNR to obtain their commercial permit, and they must follow strict guidelines for capturing, handling, and transporting animals. These professionals will remove an animal(s) from your property for a fee


What do I do if I find a bat in my home?
Bats flying outdoors at night pose little threat to humans. A bat that is active during the day, flopping around on the ground or is found in a place where bats are usually not seen, such as a house, should be avoided. Never purposely touch a bat.  If you are bitten, contact Animal Control.

Illinois Department of Public Health’s Bat Information Page

Bat Exclusion Contractor Information from the Department of Natural Resources

Rabies Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Does the County offer a low cost spay/neuter program?  

Yes, there is a Population Control Program available for residents of Livingston County.  Click here for details.

What should I do if I need to update by pet registration information?

Change of address or name of dog owner: If you have moved, please submit a written statement with your old and new address, or you may call us at 815-842-8021.

If your pet has died or changed ownership, or if your dog is no longer in your possession, please send us this information or call us at 815-842-8021.